Our Daily Menu

Breakfast Combo Special – served all day

Choice of 2 items from the list below and served with 2 eggs and garlic rice
Beef tapa, Pork tocino, Corn beef, Longanisa, Maling (Spam), Daiing na Bangus, Tuyo, Purefood Hot Dog

Grilled Specials – served with rice

Pork BBQ Meal (2 sticks)
Barbequed pork on skewer

Chicken Inasal Meal
Barbequed chicken boneless thighs

Inihaw na Longganisa/Longsilog
Grilled sausage w/ egg

Pork Tocino/Tocilog
Grilled marinated pork w/egg

Beef Short Ribs
Grilled marinated beef short ribs

Chicken BBQ Meal (2 pcs)
Grilled marinated chicken thighs

Pork Belly Meal (2 pc)
Grilled marinated pork belly

Beef Tapa/Tapsilog
Grilled marinated beef w/ egg

Grilled Squid
Grilled marinated squid

Zul’s Favorites – served with rice

Pork Lechon Sisig
Crispy pork belly w/onion, pepper and egg

Lechon Kawali
Deep fried crispy pork belly

Chicken Wings Adobo
Crispy chicken wings w/ adobo sauce

Fried Bangus
Deep fried bangus fish

Rellenong Bangus
Stuffed whole milkfish

Bangus Sisig
Crispy boneless bangus w/ onion & pepper

Pork Belly Adobo
Crispy pork belly w/ adobo sauce

Fried Tilapia
Deep fried tilapia fish

Fried Snapper
Deep fried snapper fish

Crispy Pata
Deep fried crispy pork knuckles
Seasonal Price

Noodles and Ramen

Pancit Bihon or Canton
Sautéed noodles w/ pork, chicken and vegetable

Rice noodles with pork, bean curd and egg


Lumpiang Shanghai (12 pc)
Deep fried spring roll w/ pork

Squid Balls (12 pc)
Squid balls w/ special sauce

Tokwat Baboy
Crispy pork, bean curd & onion

Vegetable Spring Rolls with Chicken (4 pc)
Deep fried roll w/ vegetable and chicken

Fish Balls (12 pc)
Fish balls w/ special sauce

Veggie Favorites

Sautéed mixed vegetable with shrimp & pork

Chop Suey
Sautéed Chinese style mixed vegetable w/ shrimp & chicken

Sitaw & Kalabasa
Sautéed string beans & pumpkin in coconut milk


Filipino classic dessert

Filipino classic dessert

Soft tofu pudding w/ caramel

Specialty Drinks

Ice Tea with Fruit Jelly
Strawberry Ice Tea, Peach Ice Tea, Passionfruit Ice Tea
$4.59 (S) – $4.99 (L)

Milk Tea with Tapioca Boba
Regular, Mango, Taro, Strawberry, Brown Sugar
$4.59 (S) – $4.99 (L)

Smoo-tea with Tapioca Boba
Strawberry, Mango
$4.59 (S) – $4.99 (L)

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